To the Love of my Life



I want you to know some things. I think it’s important that you hear them.

I am thankful for you, every day. Not because of what you do for me, though what you do is so appreciated. No, I am thankful because you are you. And because you are here, with me, beside me. And just by being you, you make my life so much richer. Thank you for your companionship.

I am empowered by you. You celebrate me every day. You take joy in my successes. You encourage me to push myself, to take risks that I would never take on my own. Your faith in me fills me up and gives me the courage to take on the world. When I see myself through your eyes, I see someone so very beautiful and capable. Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself.

I am safe with you. Your dedication to honesty with yourself and with me gives me the freedom to trust. I can fall into you and believe that you will always catch me. I know you are human. I know we will hurt each other. But I know it will never be intentional. I know I can tell you all my secrets, and I know that you Love me just as I am. Thank you for seeing me and allowing me to see you.

I am in Love with you. I didn’t fall into it, I leapt in willingly. This is how I know I will not fall out. I choose you, every day, and I do so with such joy. I work hard to live that Love, in the big moments and in the small. It’s far from perfect, but I use my whole heart. I Love you with Holy Love, as I am Loved and you are Loved: without condition or expectation. And you Love me the same. Thank you for Loving me and for letting me Love you.

That’s all. For now.


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